Mehmet Tezcan - Industrial Engineer

Hi, I'm
an Industrial Engineer

2019 - Ministry of Industry and Tecknology

I appointed Ağrı Ministry of Industry and Technology with KPSS 2018

2016 - Beşler Makarna Gıda San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.

Daily, weekly and monthly production plans were made. Reports and analyzes on production were organized. Improvements were made with presentations.

2014 - Balıkesir Mobilya

Production planning was done depending on the work studies. Furniture production on the field control studies were performed. Reports and improvements were prepared. Presentations were made.

2008 - Balikesir University

I have completed my training by taking equal amount of machine and business education.

2003 - Fitnat Nuri Tekerekoglu Anadolu Lisesi

I got a year prep English and 3 years of normal education.I successfully graduated to advance my pursuit of my dreams.